baby shower




Over the weekend my amazing friends hosted an intimate baby shower to celebrate the impending arrival of baby Betts.

What a blessing it is to be surrounded by love.

Framily flew in from Ottawa to celebrate with me and mine and I couldn’t have asked for a better turn out.

Below are some fun pictures from the celebrations!

bb3Rayan only has eyes for Neriah

bb2and she for him.

bb9Lala was in charge of games


bb6and Lauren came to play…


bb12Riah getting cake from TT Nas

bb13“delicious mommy”



I’ll be the first to say that I’m probably the hardest person to surprise! For one I like things to be done a certain way and have an extreme penchant for organization. I like to have a play by play of how things will proceed, and what to expect.

When it was confirmed that my sister friend Nima along with Alana would be taking the reins for baby Betts’ shower, I was nervous for two reasons. The first one being they’re tough cookies, so the chances of me getting any type of information as far as the “denouement” when it came to the festivities were extremely slim.

Secondly, my constant wanting to contribute, which was obviously not accepted by either parties.

This weekend’s celebration made me realize a few things, the first one being; I have some awesome friends and family that will go above and beyond and not expect anything in return. Surround yourself with such people, they are hard to find. Friends who expect you to do for them, but never do for you aren’t your homies.

Letting go is relieving. I mentioned that I like to know what’s going to happen, a play by play of some sort. After trying to find out for weeks what was going to take place, and failing miserably, I let go, only to be blessed by overwhelming joy.

Lastly, soak in the moment, although the weekend with the fam flew by, I’m thankful (despite the craziness ) for having spent 4 days with them.

Who knew that a simple baby shower would be so eye opening for me.

God works in mysterious ways…

nims120 ans d’amitie et nous voila en train de feter l’arrivee de nos enfants ;)!Gloire a Dieu et mille merci Nima- They don’t make ’em like you no mo! xo

until next time.