chicken and potatoes


chick5shout out to my sis in law for the dope wooden spoons.

My husband has been eating clean as part of a health challenge at our church during Lenten season.

He’s always been one to watch what he eats, I on the other hand not so much. So in an effort to support him during the 40days, I’ve been cooking healthier options for dinner.

Tonight we eat chicken and potatoes.

I like quick and easy when it comes to cooking. I want to be able to cook an entire meal for my family in under one hour including prep time.


You will need:

chicken and potatoesred potatoes, carrots and onions, a little olive oil

chicken and potatoesa little salt

chick9‘n’ peppa

chicken and potatoesmix it

chick6place in oven safe dish and bake for 45minutes to an hour at 350 (stirring occasionally)

chicken time!

You can pretty much season your chicken with whatever seasoning your little heart desires. I keep it simple. Salt, pepper, garlic powder. I seasoned mine the night before and kept in a Ziploc bag in le fridge.

I also like to sear my chicken a little bit before baking it, baking temperatures and time vary based on your oven. Just make sure your chicken is cooked, if it’s pink inside it ain’t cooked. Please don’t kill yourself or your family. For boneless chicken breast 170 to 180 degrees is considered safe for consumption.


chicken and potatoesdone!

This took about an hour to make.

Check out my chicken | yummay board on Pinterest or pin these pictures on your own recipe board by hovering over the pic!

Let me know when you try this how it came out for you!

Bon Appétit and until next time!