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fur1I love this kid

I’m so excited to have Neriah back on the blog! It’s been a while, and as mentioned here, now that the cold weather is on it’s way out, we will resume our mommy and me Mondays and her outfit posts as well.

In addition to resuming our OOTD posts, I wanted to introduce “toddler conversations” on the blog.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, and now that she’s three, I think it’s time. Riah and I have had some of the deepest conversations a toddler can have with their mama! Most of them take place while she sits on the potty which makes them all the more hilarious.

It’s amazing how funny, witty and downright silly kids can be. I love the innocence behind every question and statement.

I will be sharing some of the funniest ones with you at least once a month when Neriah makes a solo OOTD appearance on the blog. I think it will make it a fun way for me to document her silliness while showcasing her OOTD.





Below is the first “toddler conversation” we will be sharing with you.

A few months ago, Riah and I were in the kitchen and while she ate lunch I was busy putting dishes away. The sun was peaking through the kitchen blinds which casted our shadows on the kitchen floor.

The conversation that ensued is one I will never forget due to its hilarity… Kids say the weirdest things!

N: Mommy!

Me: yes Neriah.

N: mommy, look at my shut up.

Me: what?

N: look at my shut up

Me: Look at your what?

N: my shut up mommy, my shut up (as she points to her shadow).

Me: Oh your shadow? Neriah that’s called a shadow.

N: yes mommy, a shut up.

Let me be the first to say, that I am very careful as to what I say, watch and listen to  around my child because kids absorb everything. I’m still wondering how shadow became shut up?!

 Definitely one to remember.




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Until next time!