in my cup

Processed with VSCOcam with s1 presetin my cup 9/52

I must say that there is a science to my cups, or in this case glass. The ice to drink ratio has to be just right.

The amount of ice must always exceed the amount of liquid. Pictured above is a glass of cold lemonade (recipe below),  let me clarify, that the picture only displays a small amount of cubes because most were eaten before taking the picture *hides face in shame*.

I know you’re wondering why I consume so much ice, and that’s a good question.  Ice consumption, for me, is a welcomed relief, (albeit temporary)  from the third trimester heartburn that has been bestowed upon me thanks to the growing baby in my belly; no complaints… Just sayin’!

Now… on to the recipe.

you will need: country time lemonade mix and water

directions: for 2 quarts (8 cups) – pour CT drink mix level with line inside cap to 2 quart line. Add 2 quarts cold water. Mix and enjoy!

You didn’t think I made it from scratch did you? :)

Until next time.