1. jive mid-heel shoes 2.roscha high sandal 3.penny loafer 4.leather slip on mules 5.flash lace-up shoes 6. humidity sandals 7. pointed lace-up shoes

I’ve decided to no longer talk or complain about winter. I’m over the snow, cold and blizzards. I’m fully aware that it is still very cold , and that there most likely will be a few more flurries, and sub zero temperatures before this season completely effaces itself. But as of today, I’ve made the decision to rejoice in the fact that there are a little less than 30 days left until Spring, which brings me to today’s post!

Metal, metal and more metal. Metallic accessories, specifically shoes make me do a happy dance. I prefer gold to silver, but lately that silver’s been growing on me.

Now… I know that metallics aren’t a NEW trend, but it’s one that keeps on giving. Every season new styles emerge, and today, I’m sharing a few pairs that would work for you regardless of your personal style. I’ve created a sweet style guide just for you that I’ve cleverly named  “pedal to metal” hahahah good right?! You know you like it ;)

Best part is, all the shoes listed above are under $100. Woop!

But wait… there’s more, I’ve also made a mini-me chart, for all you twinning fanatics out there. And by all you twinning fanatics I mean me! Not as much of a clever title but hey I tried! Check out the “Just like mommy’ style guide below for the lil’ mamas.

Boys, I’ve got you next!

metal31. micheal kors 2. old sole  3. elephantino 4. dr.martens 5.sperry top siders

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