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First things first!

SN [ the secular music lover  in me always wants to break down into full on Biggie Smalls “one more chance” (radio edit) rap mode when I hear/say “first things first “. As a matter of fact any word reminds me of a song… I could be having a conversation with you and one word could very well trigger a concert in my head and I could totally belt out a tune, because these are the things that go on in my head. You can sit there and act like you don’t do it… But you know you do. Matter of fact you do it at least once a day ;)

Let’s carry on and try this again!


First things first, let me start by saying that I am one proud mama! Neriah is almost fully potty trained!

We’ve been dealing with potty training headaches for months, and it’s only when we decided to let her be, and accept  that she would use the potty when she’s ready that she surprised us all.

She’s been using it on her own for about a little over a week now and we couldn’t be happier. I’ve mentioned before that my husband and I celebrate every single thing this little girl does and while he was doing the harlem shake, I was doing the Ndombolo !

But wait there’s more…

Not only is she almost completely potty trained, our lil’ mama ditched the crib and has moved to a toddler bed.

Yes she’s almost 3 and yes up until last night she was sleeping in a crib!  You see my daughter has ninja-esque sleeping habits. She is a wild sleeper, which I should have caught on to from her days in the womb.

The idea of having her outside the crib, wasn’t one I was “down” with, I liked the comforting feeling of having her “behind bars”! It assured me that 1) she wasn’t going anywhere and 2) she would get a good night sleep.

But being that she will be turning 3 this week, we figured it was time for her to move on to bigger and better, hence, le toddler bed.

I will say that this morning, her father and I had a good laugh when we found her sleeping with  the bottom half of her body (legs) off the bed and onthe floor while her torso remained on the bed.

I should have captured the moment, but something tells me there will be plenty more until she fully gets accustomed to sleeping on the bed.

All in all a great first night … Which leads me to today’s post!

Now that Riah is out of the crib, it’s time to start thinking about her sibling’s nursery. Thankfully, N’s crib is white, which is a neutral color and as mentioned before,  I ‘m all about neutrality when it comes to kids. The whole push on “pink” is for girls and blue is for boys is something that causes me great anguish, and a topic I will discuss further in another post, because today, we celebrate.

I’ve already mentioned that I love greys and whites, so over the weekend while getting some much needed rest, I made my way to the mecca of inspiration and looked up nursery ideas.


I’ve added some pretty cool ideas to my “babybetts2015 board” which you can view by clicking the highlighted link! For instance the one pictured above, love how this could work for both boy… or girl ;)

Got some dope nursery décor tips you want to  share with moi? Drop ’em in the comment section below!

Until next time.