signature style


I’ve been wearing a lot of black lately, which is a little out of character for me considering that up until a few years ago, I rarely ever wore the color. If you know me, you know that green is my color of choice. Any shade of green makes me happy. But the last few months have been filled with black and I like it!

Other than it’s ability to match everything, black has oh so many benefits!

It’s easy to wear, it looks good with pretty much everything and it has slimming powers. You see how my bulging belly has disappeared? I assure you I’m still very pregnant.

Black has become part of my signature look,, along with my short hair, a good lip color and of course oversized shades!

I’ve recently joined Garnet Hill’s blogger challenge which consists of bloggers sharing their signature style and inviting their readers to do the same.

So I ask you to join me in sharing your signature style by using the hashtag #GHSignatureStyle on Instagram and Twitter for a chance to receive a Garnet Hill personalized gift!





GH6you see da belly?!

So what’s your signature style? Post a picture on IG or share on Twitter.

Don’t forget to use the hashtagg #GHSignatureStyle!

I can’t wait to see.


Until next time.


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