nubian2you see café au lait two-stepping in that corner – she’s happy y’all!


Have you ever gone shopping for “nude” undergarments and the lingerie section had you looking like this because the darkest shade you could find to match your brown complexion was this!

Fret no more sisters and rejoice!

Rejoice I say, because we’ve been “delivert’!

We no longer have to be subjected to the one color matches all bras and panties thanks to Ade Hassan, founder of Nubian skin.

I checked out their site and I love every single thing about it. What I love most is their hosiery! I don’t particularly wear them, but I have before, and the struggle is oh so real when it comes to finding THE perfect brown skin tone.

With that being said I made a little chart (pictured above) describing the skin tones available for purchase through their website!

I think I fall between “berry” and “cinnamon”

Which are you?

Have you heard of NS before or any similar brands? If so share below.

p.s. no disrespect towards my fair skinned beauties, but sistas need “nude’ love too.

Until next time!



chart created by me – be kind and share by pinning on your  Pinterest boards.. help a sista that may be in need!

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Nubian Skin is based out of the UK but ships internationally, also available at