Mother nature unleashed her snowy madness on Chicago over the weekend and  as pretty as it was to watch, I was ready for it to stop. Ha!

But, because we have a toddler that is extremely infatuated with snow (which toddler isn’t) I did brave the cold for her sake and as the cold wind softly howled I forgot about the cold and was completely lost in watching her be in awe of the snow.

As I stood there I remembered the goals I set for myself and the ones my husband and I set as a family last year. I was also reminded of the way I began the year in terms of goal settings in 2014.

Last year I was introduced to the Lara Casey blog via fellow blogger and soon to be mom Karen I’ve been following LC since. Lara’s transparency, her way with words and ability to encourage are all traits I appreciate, but what I love the most is the way she allows God to use her to inspire others.


Although we’re already in the second month of the year and I haven’t quite finalized my “Make things happen” list,  as Lara said “There’s nothing magical about January”,  meaning it’s never too late to start setting goals or making decisions that will positively impact the rest of your year/life.

To know me personally, is to know that I’m very organized and a bit of control “freak”, I’ve never been the “go with the flow” type of gal which is funny because my husband is just that.

Opposites attract!

But the more I grow and the more God surrounds me with circumstances that are out of my control both good and not so good, the more I am willing to let go of my restrictive ways, because believe it or not, nothing good come out of being overly meticulous.

Meticulousness is a good thing ( to a certain extent) but going with the flow is better.

Last year, Lara’s “MTH” series prompted us to choose a word and a song that will define our year. There are tons of songs that I could use, so I will skip that part for now but I have found my word.


It’s safe to say that we’ve all dealt with some level of fear at some point in our lives and fear can be crippling.

This year, I choose to be fearless in saying no to people and opportunities which I feel will not serve me, my family or be of service to others.

This year I will be fearless in accomplishing all I’ve set to accomplish.

This year I choose to be fearless in everything I do.

IMG_4501 “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” – 2 Timothy 1:7

2015 is all about pushing boundaries and doing so fearlessly!

Join me and the thousands of others making things happen via the Lara Casey blog. It’s never too late to start. I’m still catching up!

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p.s. MNH turned 2 last month!!! Thank you for your continued support, it’s appreciated!

Until next time!