the black dress


This time around, I’m doing things a little differently when it comes to maternity wear.

I have decided not to spend too much money in purchasing preggo gear because let’s face it, I’m not going to be pregnant forever. I will purchase a few things here and there, because as much as I love leggings they cannot, and I repeat cannot be worn everywhere (preggo or not).

But then, I made my way to Belle Up’s store opening last month ( December 2014), conveniently located 2 steps away from our home ( the devil is a liar) and of course the black dress pictured above was waiting for me to purchase it. So I did.

Let me tell you that this dress feels like a second skin.

We all know the importance of wearing clothes that not only look good but feels good, well, that factor is tripled quadrupled when you’re pregnant. I’m all about comfort whether I’m with or without child, I never want to be the one walking around looking good but uncomfortable. Style and comfort aren’t foreign to each other, they both can easily be achieved, in one look.

IMG_4404belly belly belly belly belly everywhere




Complete outfit details can be found on our IG page.

Don’t live in Chicago and still want to check out Belle Up’s merch? You can by clicking here.

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Until next time fine folks.