year in review

2015 has been a year filled with wonderful moments! I’ve been blessed to connect with some fabulous people, formed wonderful friendships with women I admire, welcomed Micah ( our second and last child) and launched a business with my better half. Every year always comes with wonderful memories but it also comes with lessons to take…

mnh style: hats

  I’ve missed you! I haven’t been able to blog consistently because life has been happening! My family and I finally moved into our new home and are officially homeowners. The process was long and very humbling, but God brought us through, I will be sharing more on that in a later post along with…


A purposeless post. Just memories of my loves, captured by my better half on a not so warm Sunday afternoon. Humbled beyond words that God would bless undeserving me with beauties like these. Days are long, tantrums are many, but love abounds! He is faithful, yes He is. Until next time !