year in review


2014some of my favorite moments…

I contemplated writing my “year in review” post a number of different ways;  First I wanted to look back at all the incredible moments shared on MNH, then I wanted to recap favorite style posts but quickly realized I had already done that with this post, , and then I wanted to do something short and sweet just like last year but decided against it.

Amidst all of the things folks will be leaving in 2014, I thought why not share what I’ve learned and what lessons I will be taking with me into 2015.

I wanted to share my “a ha” moments, the ones that have made me, and possibly made you a better individual in the areas of motherhood, friendship, wifehood or even bettered you as a blogger.

Those are the moments I want to share with you as I review the past 12 months. The ones that have enabled me/you to move forward as individuals, the ones that have allowed me/you  to approach or deal with certain people or situations differently.


I typically write “The Five” at the end of each month, where I share with you 5 things that have rocked my world during the course of the month. Consider this it.

I’m no wiser than the next, but 2014 has been a year of learning for me and soooo…Lets go!

number one|| never be envious of someone else’s success. It’s so easy to find yourself feeling a certain way about how well others are doing. Truth is, you have no idea what they’ve had to endure, how long they’ve prayed or how many sleepless nights they’ve had in order to get to where they are. Plus your determination of success should never be measured by someone else’s. So instead of being envious, or jealous, be encouraged by your peers. See their achievements as motivation to accomplish YOUR dreams.

number two|| be happy for others; genuinely happy. Don’t say you are and then secretly ask yourself  “well why didn’t I get that promotion” or “I’m a better writer, why is she getting all the opportunities”. I promise I do a praise dance for complete strangers when they share their good news with me. Now I’m not saying you should do cartwheels every time someone shares something with you. What I am saying is when you’re genuinely happy for others, good things will happen to you and the same people who you rejoiced for will rejoice with you. When you pretend to be happy for someone, you’re only hurting yourself. It gives place for jealousy/ envy to inhabit your heart. Girl bye! Who wants to live like that! And if you find yourself going there, think of how good it feels when people share your happiness, trust me you won’t stay in that dark place for too long, and if you do, pray and ask Jesus to fix it… Because it needs fixing!

number three|| people will be petty. Let them! Never repay pettiness with pettiness… It’s petty (ha!) – It says much more of your character when you don’t. I’ve learned that people will be inconsiderable. My husband always says that their pettiness may very well be related to something they’re dealing with personally. Just keep it moving. I have.

number four|| Love EVERYONE. I’m always reminded of Luke 6:32 ” if you love those who love you, what credit is that to you. Even sinners love those who love them.” I know it’s easier said then done. I know, I struggle with people who annoy me, and there are a few ha! Just love them from a distance.

number five|| last but definitely not least, trust in your God given talent. We each have one, and it is not the same. Trust that He will give you the ability to achieve all the things you need to achieve and give you the tools to do it. I promise you that you will never and I mean never have to cozy up to some celebrity, or associate yourself with a certain person to get to where you need to be. I learned that this year. Some of my biggest paid opportunities came when I least expected them without having to do much of anything other then tapping into what the Good Lord has blessed me with!

On that note, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy blog post, which is normally not in MNH nature, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Thank you for always coming back, you may not comment, but I see you! May 2015 be filled with endless possibilities! Feel free to share some of the lessons you’ve learned if you feel inclined to do so.

See you next year!