I drank all three ( one after the other) – they were delicious!

It’s Monday, and today I bring you a different kind of “mommy and me” ! If you missed last week’s announcement , I am with child, and NYE celebrations will be slightly different come the 31st!

Like many, I enjoy a celebratory glass of champagne, or a glass of Malbec while dinning with my girls, however due to my current state, I’ll be toasting to virgin beverages!

While contemplating how to entertain my pallet sans alcohol this NYE, I decided to create my own mocktails. A far cry from the widely suggested white or red grape sparkling (non alcoholic) wines, allow me to introduce you to the milknhonee mocktails.

Perfect for the preggo, or those of you who don’t consume alcohol.

mintylemonlimeI love a good a mojito so this is my version of it. Out of the three mocktails, this one is my favorite. Make sure to serve in an highball glass for added glamour.

pomegranate delightPacked with flavor. The pomegranate seeds can be frozen to keep the drink cool. I used POM seeds ( they came in a cup) from Target.

mango bubblyThis can also be used as an alternative for mimosas when hosting a brunch.

Of course vodka, or tequila can be added to any of these recipes for those of you who are not pregnant.

Let me know which you’ll be trying!

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Until next time!