Christmas gift ideas

10 Christmas gifts21. ceramic doggy dish | 2. crown ring holder | 3.leopard coaster set | 4. porcelain dish| 5. buffalo checks blanket | 6.small footed bowl set | 7.monogram bottle stopper| 8.kate spade journal | in style book by Rachel Zoe | 10. polka dot tea set for one|

It never fails, every year I plan on completing my Christmas shopping before the first week of December, but  the forces that be (procrastination) always get the best of me. I always think that I have more time then I actually do, and I’m quickly reminded that in fact, I don’t, so the frantic race begins.

This year is no different, although I’ve done the bulk of my shopping, and by bulk I mean a few gifts for Neriah, I still have a few last minute gifts to purchase.  If you find yourself in the same predicament, I feel your pain.

Thankfully there’s still hope! If you, much like me, hate the crowds, the long lines and the hunt for a parking spot, and prefer to shop online,  then I’ve created the perfect gift list for you.

The fine folks of will handle all of your last minute shopping needs. They have something for everyone on your list and if you place your order in a timely manner, delivery is guaranteed before Christmas!

Now go forth … and shop!

P.S. How utterly useless but cute are those footed ceramic bowls?! I wants!

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