November : the five


Here we are getting ready to say goodbye to November and hello to the last month of 2014.

The last three months have literally flown by and in just a few weeks we’ll be ringing in a brand new year… Exciting.

Last month I kicked off  “The Five” where I shared with you 5 things that have totally rocked my world during the month. If you missed October’s list you can find it here.

Although I come across a ton, and I mean a ton of awesomeness throughout the month, there are always a few that really peak my interest, and because we share similar interests I decided to go with the five listed below, and as always, be sure to share some of your cool finds by dropping a few words in the comment section!


1– It’s no secret that I enjoy shopping, and during the holiday season I tend to do a little more, especially on Black Friday. I would be the one waking up at the crack of dawn getting ready to look for deals,  but in light of the recent events in Ferguson, I’ve decided to join the movement for change and boycott the big retailers on Black Friday and invest in black owned businesses instead. If you want to join me and thousands of others, make sure to check out my fellow bloggers’ rad lists!

Andrea of Fly Girl whose blog I’ve been following since its inception ( love her) has made a list of 50+ shops you should support and I pretty much like them all.

You’ll also want to check out Afrobella’s list of 101 Independent Black owned businesses. There’s something there for everyone.

2- My2nd favorite thing which is now an article I’ve bookmarked and will most likely reference often is the ” Success Will Never come to Entrepreneurs who do these 10 things” penned by Jonathan Long for – the one quote that stuck the most with me was number 5 on the list which reads:

[Do not] Associate with negative individuals.

“People who constantly make excuses, complain and have a negative outlook should be avoided like the plague. We all know people like this. No matter what you say or what the situation is, they always chime in with negativity. People like this are a cancer and their negative aura can rub off on you. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals that are as focused and determined as you are.”

The article is filled with entrepreneurial wisdom and I suggest you read all of it here.

3-  I was excited to wake up to this last week and I had to share! I absolutely love everything about mater mea and was so humbled when they approached me about a feature. To be featured on a site where fierce mamas like Jodi Patterson, Lathan Thomas and Alex Elle have been is a superb experience to say the least. Thank you mater mea.

4-  I’m not one to talk too much about my projects or plans because, let’s keep it real, not everyone will encourage your ventures. Not to say that I seek encouragement , but I like to keep negativity at bay when I can , so I only share with a chosen few.

Last summer I was approached by the Editors of Chicago Parent to contribute to their newest publication Oh Baby Chicago. I received my first print copy earlier this month and let me tell you, there is no greater feeling then to see your words published in print and knowing that the magazine is readily available to the millions who live in this great city. It’s a good feeling. Thank you to Bump Club and Beyond as well as Chicago Parent Mag.

5- As you can see pictured above, I’ve been giving my red lipstick a bit of a break. Truth be told, I have a few lip colors that have been collecting dust these last few months and I’ve decided to be a tad more adventurous when it comes to lip color partly due to this.

Those  are my five for November!

Until next time fine folks!