stripped dress


I’ve voiced my lack of interest in dresses on numerous occasions on this blog, yet here I stand wearing another one. I wasn’t really given a choice in the matter, I mean  what is a girl to do when she comes face to face with a garment which was undoubtedly made for her? In my case, I bought it, and silently cursed the manufacturers at Zara for being able to marry two of my favorite things ( stripes and the color green) hence leaving me no choice but to walk out of the store, navy blue paper bag in tow!

The dress in question has been sitting in my closet for most of the summer and I thought it was great time I made use of it, so over the weekend I paired it with my green leather booties from Joe Fresh for a slightly monochromatic look. I originally planned on wearing it with black pumps, but the dress and boots were conveniently placed next to each other in my closet so it really left me no choice. Plus the choice of wearing with booties as opposed to pumps is right up my alley.

This frock was a steal and I’m glad I was able to get my hands on a classic pencil dress that will outlast the trends of times for under 50$!



Come to think of it, wearing it with my faithful chucks and a light washed denim coat wouldn’t be a bad idea either! Ahhhh the possibilities are endless! Shop smart folks… Shop smart!

Until next time.



    • Charlotte

      November 6, 2014 at 8:12 am

      Hey Christina, I love green in general, but as you said this specific green is good! I think that we should all strive to purchase items that allow us some type of versatility ( saves money too)when you can wear it on more than one occasion ;)