October: the five


Ever come across something so good you wanted to share it with the world, or read something so inspirational you wanted to shout it from the mountain top, or perhaps ate a meal so delicious you felt it was your duty to introduce it to taste buds everywhere?

If you’ve answered yes to one or all of those questions, well you didn’t really need to , they were somewhat rhetorical and didn’t elicit an answer per se… I was “posing” them to introduce my latest addition *drumroll*  The Five!

The Five is something I wanted to kick off last month (September 2014) but then decided to take a week long hiatus from the blog and well… it never happened. But it’s here now, and that’s all that matters!

In a nutshell, The Five,  will be me, sharing with you, 5 things that have rocked my world within the month in hopes that you fancy them too. I love discovering new things, and as you know sharing is caring.

Here we go!

1. six productivity tips for working at your desk from my new favorite blogger Amber from Ember & March.

2. espresso, anthracite and oyster from LVX ( nail lacquer-  free of harsh chemicals)

3. having had an emergency C-section myself, this mom’s story is one I had to share.

4. What’s that you say? Local chefs cooking for you in your home and leaving your kitchen spotless? Yes please! Loving the idea behind kitchensurfing and can’t wait to attend my first one next week.

5. I’ve been a fan of Raphael Saadiq since his Tony Toni Tone days, this new song featuring his soulful voice has been on heavy rotation.

Have you come across any cool things this month? If so do share, I’m eager to check ’em out!

Until next time.