sons and daughters eyewear


My younger brother and I have dubbed ourselves “cool hunters” as we’re always on the hunt for the latest and coolest. His areas of cool hunting include literature, music and food and mine tend to be a little more mundane. If you guessed fashion, you’ve guessed right!

I’ve mentioned before that the older Neriah gets, the more fun I have dressing her. My mom often jokes that I’ve found a  life size doll in Neriah and I couldn’t agree more.

I’m big on accessories, and typically while on my quest for all things cool, I browse the virtual aisles for sunnies, shoes, purses and the likes. Now as you can see from past posts, like this one, this one and of course this one, my affinity to sunglasses is not new. My husband doesn’t understand it, as a matter of fact,  every time I even look at purchasing sunglasses, he’ll gently remind me that I only have two eyes, to which I reply “I only have two eyes, but I don’t have these sunglasses.

And now, what I feared most has happened. Ladies and gents, I’ve discovered the mecca of sunglasses for kids!  While cool hunting, I came across Sons and Daughters Eyewear; To those of you who know that sunglasses are my “thing” and also happen to be familiar with this Canadian based company, shame on you for not revealing its existence to me.

Fashion forward sunnies for little ones?!  All is well with the world today… All is well!

Lenny, Clark, Harry are my favorite styles! Check’ em out below!



Until next time!