military green


princess7see that smile – N loves a good nature walk, and by good I mean the ones where she picks up lots of sticks and leaves! This walk was very good.

We’re baaaaack!

It’s been a crazy week of travel, lots of work and caring for a sick toddler at the Betts residence so last week I put MNH on hold to handle family business which would explain my brief hiatus.

There are many things I need to catch up on and I will do so during the week so be sure to bookmark the site or sign up (right side bar) to get new posts delivered right to your inbox.

I must admit that stepping away from the blog and social media ( I didn’t instagram / Tweet or FB as much as I usually do) for the week was refreshing! It’s so easy to get caught up and the time away felt nice and enabled me to shift my focus towards things that really matter. I plan on doing a social media fast at least once a month.


princess11and then she almost hit me.

Winter has officially begun in Chicago! It’s been cold y’all! Not exactly sure what happened to Fall, but I have a feeling it skipped us. The temperatures have been below normal and as much as I enjoy cooler weather, this is unacceptable.

Chicago’s pretty mild during autumn months, a light jacket is usually needed but most times we can get away with a good sweater, unless of course you’re by Lake Michigan then a heftier coat may be needed.

We were lucky enough to take this week’s pictures on one of the warmer days; The sun was shining and the weather was pleasant, so Neriah and I took a “nature walk” and of course we brought daddy along to document it all for mommy and me Monday.

This is our second time rocking stripes for MNMM,  but this time we did it a la Fall and finished the look with somewhat matching military green coats and of course our beloved chucks! See how else we’ve styled stripes before here.







princess6she loves this headband with all of her little heart and she’s been wanting to wear it everywhere. I don’t blame her, being a princess is pretty awesome!!!


— In the spirit of catching up, thank you to all who entered the giveaway the week before last!

The winner was randomly picked by Rafflecopter and the winner is Afsaneh M. Thank you to all who participated.


P.S. If you enjoy helping out a good cause and shopping meet me here tomorrow, I’ll be announcing my next event.


Until next time!