denim overalls


I’ve come to realize that my addiction to denim may be serious and I may be in need of an intervention.

Our last three mommy and me posts have featured America’s favorite fabric and chances are there will be more in the future.

Oh denim, how I love thee!

This week, we’re wearing it in overalls form; I’ve always been a fan of the latter, and I remember owning a pair in high school which I rocked with a pair of white Sketchers kicks.So you can only imagine my excitement when my beloved overalls made a dashing comeback a few months ago?! I was pretty excited.

I’m happy to share and document this ephemeral moment with Neriah, because as we all know, overalls will most likely go out of style again.







I was hoping to announce a link up this week but sadly it didn’t quite work out that way. Rest assured, I am working on it and cant’ wait to see all of you fab moms share your looks.


P.S. Ever notice that overalls never go out of style for kids… Quite unfair no? LOL


Until next time!