mommy N me: labor day


And so it begins, the last long weekend of the summer is officially upon us and I’m amazed at how quickly the month of August flew by.

The last few days have been extremely hot and humid in Chicago, which wasn’t exactly the case for most of the summer, I heard that we only had a total of about 5 days over 90 degrees which pales in comparison to previous summers.

In celebration of the season’s last hoorah, my baby boo and I are rocking what has been one of my go-to looks these last months; cut offs and a tank.


plaid8there’s always a song in our head… which means we’re always dancing… always!

plaid1and then this happened

plaid2she’s so fancy… she already knows.



MNthis picture makes me smile

plaid10Neriah, why did you shred the leaf?

plaid11Neriah to the leaf : “are you OK”?

Clearly the leaf was in no condition to reply.

I’ve been wanting to do a #mommyNmeMonday “link up” with you fabulous moms since introducing it a few weeks. Would love to see how you ladies rock your looks with your mini me’s! I will be sharing more info regarding that next week!

Hope your labor day is/was loads of fun!

Until next time.