Have you ever gone to your husband’s or boyfriend’s closet for inspiration? I’m notorious for wearing hubby’s wool sweaters or in this case turning his shirt into a dress.

A few years ago, my mother brought back this shirt for my husband and it’s been sitting in his closet collecting dust. He wore it once when we traveled to Jamaica… in 2008!

The hubby is not a fan of African fabrics and I can respect that, they’re often bright, heavily patterned and aren’t for everyone.

Determined to not let the shirt go to waste, I grabbed a belt and cinched it around my waist and voila, a shirt dress was created!

My mom recently sent over a dress she was able to make for Neriah with the exact same fabric!

Coincidence? I think not!

Welcome to this week’s mommy N me MONDAY!




blue5for those days when I want height and comfort these chunky heels do the trick


until next time!