tie dye jumpsuit


I recently saw a post on Facebook which suggested that winter is approximately 17weeks away, I don’t know how accurate the meteorological calculations are but I do know that cold weather is imminent and it’s making me nervous for a number of reasons.

Reasons why  “17 weeks” to winter make me nervous:

Winter is my least favorite season

I will no longer be wearing my “birkens” because… SNOW!

And last but not least, tie dye jumpsuits made of breathable materials that feel like a second skin are out of question!

In an effort to celebrate the little bit of summer we have left in Chicago, here I stand in this tie dye goodness I acquired from a local boutique.

I’ve been searching for a good comfortable jumpsuit for most of the summer and finally found it last month at Standout Style Boutique .

I found it 17weeks before Father winter’s arrival, so I can get about 2 to 3 wears out of it until it’s time to put it away. Don’t worry I won’t wear it everyday like I do these!


tiedye3I always mismatch my polish, do you do the same?


until next time :)