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About a year ago, I converted one of the closets in our bedroom into a small office. Initially my “home office” was in our spare bedroom which had to be transformed into  Neriah’s play/bedroom. The closet/office space took a day and a half to complete, the whole process was pretty simple. The man of the house did most of the work, drilled some holes here and there to connect cables, set up my desktop and made sure that I was all plugged in and ready to go. My sole responsibility was to take care of the décor and I failed miserably.

Along with my one responsibility, my husband asked that I keep the décor unisex, after all we do share a room.

Thankfully for him, my taste is pretty androgynous, and when it comes to wall colors I tend to lean towards grays and bright whites. So I painted the closet a very light (almost white) gray to match the rest of our bedroom which mostly consists of different shades of gray, and white.

And that’s about as far as I went with the “decorating”.

A few months ago, I traded my black leather office chair for a more aesthetically pleasing accent chair from Target, but haven’t really taken the time to do much else, other than hang a bulletin board on the wall facing my desk,  which is home to a few thumbtacks and post-it notes.

Drab… I know!


I’ve been looking for ways to spruce up my wall and was happy to come across Skoope Home.

It’s based out of the ATL,  and the shop’s owner’s got some pretty sweet digital art print. Below are some of my favorites.




When I sit at my desk to work, I always tend to gaze away from my screen and always end up staring either at the window in my bedroom or the wall in front of me to get my creative juices flowing.

Sadly the wall hasn’t been very inspirational, so I’m looking forward to ordering a few of these prints and will blog about it once my workspace is updated.

Until then make sure to check out SH.

P.S. these prints retail for $12 can you say awesome?! The Good Lord above knows I love a good deal!

P.P.S. the shop’s owner also makes these cool cards, I want to buy them all!


Until next time.

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