studio mucci


Let me start by giving a shout out to all the photographers out there who take pictures of little ones, your patience is unparalleled and enigmatic!

N is usually easy to take pictures of, a natural of some sort, I rarely ask her to pose and if I did, she probably wouldn’t.

I usually just follow her around, say lots of funny things (that really aren’t that funny) and pray  that I get a good shot. That method never failed me until we decided to add props ( see makeshift pom poms above)

My “trail behind the toddler” technique fell short, but you know what didn’t? The undeniably cute baci shirts sent over by Amina, who runs the amazing ( and I mean ) amazing studio mucci.

I get weak in the knees for pretty things and SM is all about pretty, so when they selected Neriah to model their latest kid fashions I obliged. Below is what ensued!



bacipink5ayou’d laugh like that too if your only worry was to wear butterfly leggings and…

baci5b… play with home made tassels!




mnhfand of course she closed our photography session with a song!

I never endorse or back up brands I don’t believe in or truly love, with that being said make sure to check them out and support independately owned businesses.

Until next time oh and lots of baci ( <- means kiss in Italian)

*this post was sponsored by studio mucci.

a special shout out to Nikia for tagging me on IG

an extra special thank you to Amina, for selecting Miss N.

*butterfly leggings (children’s place)


  • Adanna

    August 4, 2014 at 7:04 am

    Okay Charlotte, we need video girl for N. She’s just too much and these pictures I’m just imagining the process of you trying to get a good shot and her doing her thing. This outfit it too cute. She’s so adorable. I noticed this weekend that I need to take more pics of the kids when my mother-in-law asked for some but girl the way my patience is set up LOL wish me luck!

    • Charlotte

      August 4, 2014 at 7:50 am

      Girl! If you only knew!
      It usually takes a good 20 -30 min of me snapping away while she runs around. Before we wrap our “photo sessions” I always go through every single picture to make sure I have enough. On good days I get about 10 out 60 ( lol) – the struggle is so very real! I will have to document it on video so all of you can see how funny the whole experience is! Thanks for stopping by Adanna ‘preciate it!

  • Michael Stagg

    August 4, 2014 at 6:41 am

    Such beautiful images! I’ve taken my fair share of kiddie pics of my grandkids. It can be a bit much sometimes but the wonderful you get (when you’re fortunate enough to do so) are usually real gems! I’ll be sure to share the site with my youngest daughter; she still has little ones and I know she will just love their stuff!