one word


Last year I was featured on Lady Go lightly’s blog as part of her mama’s got style segment. Sara, mom of two curates LGL and her blog is one of the many I love.

One of her recent posts entitled  “Taking Stock” consisted of her answering a series of one worded “questions”. I thought the idea was great and borrowed the concept.

I recently read somewhere that it is good draw inspiration from your peers; she was inspired by her friend, which in turn inspired me. Hope this brings all types of positive inspiration your way as it did for me.

Let’s go!

Making : friends in my head with all of you wonderful readers!
Cooking : African food ( because my mama told me I should do so more often)
Drinking : root beer with lots of ice. I love ice.
Reading: Say you’re one of them ( by Uwem Akpan)
Wanting: my wisdom tooth to stop hurting so that I don’t have to get it removed ( I know it will get removed)

Looking: for cool books for Neriah
Playing: Solitaire every night before I go to sleep on my iPad (it’s my thing y’all )

Wasting: time watching reality tv ( pray for me)
Wishing: My family was closer so I could see them everyday.
Enjoying: every minute of motherhood
Waiting: for October, so I can travel to Sweden
Liking: the fact that my hair is growing but not sure on how to style it ( awkward length)
Wondering: what Neriah’s first day of daycare will be like

Loving: Jesus
Hoping: that you have as much fun reading this as I did writing it.
Marveling: at how awesome God is.
Needing: to start working on this huge project very soon ( more details to come)
Smelling: home made fries and chicken ( that’s what I had for dinner)
Wearing: my Topshop “birken like” sandals EVERYDAY 
Following: IG accounts that inspire me
Noticing:  that Neriah is getting older and that I may be ready for baby number 2
Knowing: Phil 4:13
Thinking: about my upcoming trip to ATL
Bookmarking: home decorating websites
Opening: my mind
Giggling: at my daughter singing ” there’s a sweet sweet Spirit in this place… And I know that it’s the Spirit of the Lord” ( old hymn)
Feeling: tired t’was a long day

Can’t wait to read yours!

Until next time.