1960817_430640263706387_387663618_ohow cute is this kid?

They say that parents often pass some of their personality traits onto their children, and I’m ashamed to admit that Neriah, unbeknownst to her,  may have inherited my infatuation with shoes.

I caught her trying to put my shoes on a few times and well… That’s how it starts. Thankfully for her, mama’s been doing a little browsing on the internet in preparation for her daycare debut (more on that later) and stumbled on akid.

I’m all about kid fashion that mimics adult style ( to a certain extent)  and this company delivers just that.

The pint size shoe game on their website is so ridiculously good it makes me want to buy every single pair, but of course that won’t happen because the hubby won’t let me! Why can’t men understand the importance of owning several pairs of shoes? Why?! #FixitJesus


In other news, shopping for Neriah has become much more fun now that she is getting bigger for a number of reasons that I will now list:

a) she wears her clothes longer therefore I’m not buying new clothes every three weeks. I loved her as a newborn but toddler Neriah is so much more fun for my wallet.

b) the options are cooler (have you seen the shoes on this site)

c) we can be twins which means the possibilities for mommy N me Mondays are endless

d) please see a, b and c.

With that being said…

 I invite you to check out akidbrand.

Rest assured that I will be sharing many more cool kiddo brands with you in upcoming posts but until then, set your eyes on some of my favorite soles below.

z_43_0_5LIV (black snake)

z_25_0_5Knight (red)

z_15_0_5Atticus (zebra)

z_11_0_5Anthony Sneaker (colored leopard)

Until next time!

photo credit : akidbrand