let’s be real


Can someone tell me how the weekend is over already?

Seems like just last week, I was anxiously waiting for Friday to come around to celebrate America’s independence and here I am wondering how the days flew by so quickly.

We need more long weekends, I actually think that every weekend should consist of 3 days of rest, the world would be a better place wouldn’t it?!

Aside from longing for one more day of “nothingness”, the holiday was wonderful, I got to spend time with the family, ate some delicious food, hung out with

old friends and even made new ones.






Speaking of new friends, I had the chance to mingle with some pretty amazing women at one of my girlfriend’s fourth ‘o’ July gathering. There’s something to be said about women who can be in the same room,converse and embrace each other regardless of race or stature, and let me tell you that these ladies had it going on. These chicks were connected! I mean one mentioned that Deepak Chopra was a good friend. You know who my good friend is? Neriah! lol

Mind you that connections don’t do much for me, because contrary to popular belief, promotion comes from above – wayyyy above(psalms 75:6).

But these women were down to earth, they weren’t bragging about who they knew or what they did, the information was shared organically while we sipped white wine sangria and nibbled on delicious appetizers.

I know you’re probably wondering where all this is going, stay with me, we’re going somewhere.

I rarely speak about my business ventures, because I believe that real G’s move in silence, however the last few weeks have been spent trying to figure out what my next entrepreunerial move will be as I weigh some options.  I’ve been praying and asking God to show me zee way.

As a blogger/entrepreneur it gets tough sometimes, there are days where you find yourself questioning your vision, and if you blog or are a business owner, you’ve been there and you know it! We’re all friends here , no need to pretend like you don’t know what I’m talkin ’bout ;)

What amazes me is how God is able to use perfect strangers to speak a word,  and I now understand that He will position you to be exactly where you need to be in order to receive what you need to receive.

While talking with these women, our conversation went from traveling,  to stepping out on faith and trusting God to do what He says He will do.They probably thought we were just having a good ‘ole convo but unbeknownst to them that talk  helped me confirm what was already confirmed ( if that makes any sense)

Divine confirmation is oh so sweet.



On a completely related but unrelated topic, I’m part of a blogger community on Facebook and there was a great video posted there last week I wanted to share. If you’ve ever been in a blogging “rut” or have found yourself wanting to give up on anything, this is for you. Make sure to share the video, don’t be greedy and keep  goodness to yourself, share the video,  you never know who may be in need.

Until next time ;)


Outfit Details: top and shoes  f21 // skirt ROSS – similar here