huggies little movers – (contest CLOSED)


A few weeks ago, Neriah and I were invited to join Huggies and fitness trainer to the stars, Nikki Glor, for an afternoon of fun, dedicated to celebrating our baby’s moving moments.

As you can tell by the picture above, Neriah is a very active little girl and the moment her feet hit the ground she is off and running.

Although we were unable to

attend the event due to it taking place during Neriah’s nap time ( nap time is a very serious thing in our household) the fine folks at Huggies were nice enough to team up with MNH to send over some of the cool movements that were demonstrated by Nikki during the event.

Our favorite: The Horsey Gluteus

Here’s how it works:

         –Lay on the ground in sit-up position, and sit baby on your waist. 

      –Keep your hands on baby’s waist as you raise your bottom and waist up from the ground and then back down in a bouncing motion. Baby bounces, wiggles and works to balance on your waist. 

 Repeat 10 times.

The benefit for baby : strengthen core, lower body and balance

The benefit for mom (or dad) : works your gluteus

The benefit from Huggies Little Movers: The SnugFit Waistband keeps baby comfy as they wiggle and move to balance on your bouncy waist.

As if those awesome “workout tips” weren’t cool enough, Huggies has also offered to give one of my readers a month’s worth of Little Movers diapers!  If you have a baby in diapers you know this giveaway is pretty awesome!

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But wait, there’s more! Visit to upload a photo or video of your baby’s moves and receive a Huggies coupon for $2.00 and get the chance to be featured on the Huggies Facebook page.



P.S. Potty chronicles are in full swing at the MNH household. Pray for us!


Until next time.


this post is sponsored by Huggies.