the motherland


When I was young, my mom would make me some of the best outfits using African fabrics to create one of a kind dresses, tops and pants. I was wearing harem pants since the early 90s thanks to my mother, a self taught seamstress.

The basement of our house was her sanctuary. It was filled with Vogue and Butterick patterns and women would come by every weekend to get sized with hopes that she would have time to create something for them. She would take notes, even draw quick sketches and give them a price.

I now know that my love for fashion and style stems from years of watching “maman” transform lifeless fabrics into beautiful masterpieces.

The funny thing is, I never really…

appreciated African fabrics as a kid as much as I do now. My mom had to force me to wear anything remotely close to a wax print. Nowadays I cant get enough and although she does not sew as often as she did, she still has some skills and the dashiki I’m wearing was created by her for me :)

afri2you see I’m rocking my ugly shoes from Topshop and lovin’ it!

afri3shades (old) but similar Target // Neriah’s dress // hat H&M men’s (old)







afri10this kid, she makes my heart smile!

Until next time :)