checkered dress


It’s no secret that I ab-so-lu-te-ly enjoy dressing Neriah, and the older she gets the more fun it is. Not to say that it wasn’t fun to dress her as a baby, but the options are endless for toddlers and I’m having a whole lot of fun with it (maybe too much).

I’ve been looking for a shirtdress for myself for quite some time and I’ve yet to find one that I really like but I have found plenty for N. Pictured above is one of them. I really like the banded collar and buttoned sleeves.

Although it is a dress I paired it with

bean12shirtdress Oshkosh (no longer available)  // leggings old navy

striped leggings, it was a little cool that day.

bean11I need to start practicing those cornrows. ha!



Until next time :)