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As my daughter’s hair grows, I’m constantly looking for healthy ways to style it.

Her hair is natural and I intend to keep it that way until she’s old enough to decide whether she

wants to relax it or not. Until then it’s my duty to keep it looking cute.

I am not well versed on the subject of natural hair but I’ve been doing a lot research on ways to keep her hair moisturized, protective styling and all that good stuff. There are a lot of products out there that promise a whole lot “detangling” and “moisturizing” yet fail to deliver.

frobtop// GAP (old) – similar here


I’ve been using Shea Moisture’s kid line; the  mango and carrot shampoo/conditioner as well as their hibiscus leave -in conditioner/moisturizer have proven to be quite effective and they’ve been my go to for now.

My problem is not so much the products but rather the protective styling.

So  I been prayin’ – I been prayin, and let me tell you that the Lord is still in the business of answering prayers. While searching for ways to style N’s hair I came across the “Chocolate Hair / Vanilla Care” website.

Some of you may already be familiar with it, and if you are why didn’t you tell a sista?!

Let me tell you that stumbling on that site was probably the best thing that’s ever happen to Neriah’s hair. I’m about to attempt to try many if not all of these styles.

This is going to be quite challenging for a number of reasons. For one I don’t know how to cornrow ( yes I am African and no I do not know how to cornrow) but I’m willing to learn. Secondly Neriah only sits still if she has a snack and a tablet. Thankfully I can arrange both.

If you have any suggestions for kid friendly natural hair products or sites I should check out leave ’em below.

If you’re as clueless as I am and want to learn how I achieved Neriah’s fluffy fro the details can be found here.

fluff“what a fluffy fro” says birdie!

Until next time!


  • Lisa a la mode

    May 28, 2014 at 7:10 am

    She is so darn cute, Char! I want a girl, but Lord knows I have no business trying to manage a c hild’s hair! I will say, however, that there is this all natural conditioner that I am LOVING. I use it on my hair too, it’s the conditioner by “The Honest Company” I’m posting my review tomorrow. It smells like a creamsicle! you have to try it!

    • Charlotte

      May 28, 2014 at 7:30 am

      Hey Lisa, you and I both, this natural hair journey with N has been a lil challenging for me but I’m going to stick it out hahah! I’m looking forward to your review lady!