sandal shame

I’ve loved these “Birkenstock” style sandals since high school, but no one with an ounce of cool was walking around rocking these “ugly” flats.

As much as you see me prancing around these posts in heels, I’m a sucka for some flats y’all! I will trade a pair of the…

highest Brian Atwood heels for some comfy loafers or in this case the leather goodness pictured above.

Now that I’m much older and have come into my own style which is primarily based on comfort, I’m trying to decide which of these bad boys will be added to my closet.



I can’t believe this trend is back!

Talk about a 90’s rewind! Speaking of which, I’m talking all things 90’s style over on GOODLOOKNOUT.COM so make sure to check it out!

Oh and check back soon to see how I will rock these “they’re so ugly they’re cute” shoes!

Until next time