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Animal2014_8name: Sovanny // City: Melbourne, Australia //mother of 1// married: almost 5 years


Sovanny… a mom after my own heart. Short hair, simple yet edgy style and has an affinity for animal print… What’s not to love?.

But more importantly she is ( I kid you not) the nicest person I’ve never met. We’ve talked via email and let me tell you she’s quickly becoming my best friend in my head.

I absolutely loved everything she’s had to say about motherhood and I’m sure you will share my sentiments.

Read about her blogging journey and why her “mom group” has been one of her greatest support since giving birth to her daughter.

London2014_3photo credit : Sovanny

Tell us about Mode Madison and the reason behind its launch.

In 2013, my new years resolution was to not purchase any new clothing (excluding shoes & accessories) for an entire year. I was a shopaholic that just couldn’t afford to shop anymore. Once more, after becoming a mum, I suddenly became aware of my high consumerist behavior and just wanted to stop. There’s a future we need to build for our children and for me, over indulging on the internet just didn’t feel right anymore. I needed to change my behavior and begin to invest in things that would benefit the family and our future together.

With this, Trendy Momma was born. As you can imagine, I struggled and got through it simply by blogging my ‘trendy’ outfits and providing updates to the world on how I was progressing with my resolution. It’s unusual running a fashion blog without any new clothes but I pulled it off. Suddenly, it was 31 December and I had accomplished my goal. With it came a loyal following and meeting a suite of wonderful people all over the world who supported what I was doing.

Inspired by fashion and Madison (my daughter), I’ve rebranded from Trendy Momma to Mode Madison. The focus of my blog isn’t so much about keeping tabs on a journey of no shopping anymore. Rather it’s about being confident in the skin you are in and showing an appreciation for style – new or old clothing. My daughter now frequently makes an appearance on the blog so there’s some cuteness overload. With that and the experiences of motherhood, my blog has also started to include some lifestyle topics such as travelling and good eats. It’s a personal diary of topics really.


Share some of the challenges behind running a business and being a wife/mom

I will hopefully be launching a business soon but to date, I’ve been juggling motherhood and working in an office 4 days a week. When I returned to work after parental leave, I felt excited for so many reasons. However, after several months back into the workforce, I realized that I had changed as a person and the reason for me to work had to be meaningful, something I was extremely passionate about and with people I could thrive off. Needless to say, my experience of coming back to work after having a baby hasn’t been as fantastic as I’d hoped but I have a plan to change things for the better.  A plan to make a difference and a plan to be a role model for my daughter.

Best advice you received on motherhood.

My mothers group have been my greatest support since becoming a mum. As a group they are non-judgmental, supportive and have always been extremely encouraging. I honestly couldn’t have gotten through my early days of motherhood without them and lucky for me they are all still very accessible. The gist of their advice has always been, do whatever works for you. Don’t worry too much about what others are doing because it may work for them but it may not work for you.


Being a mom has inspired me to grow up and be more responsible. I’ve always been independent but very spontaneous, I never thought too much about anything. If I wanted something, I simply just went for it. I’m now conscious of all the decisions I make in life as I have another variable to consider and that’s my daughter. It’s not just about me anymore so I’m always considering the benefits and consequences of all my actions.

What I look forward to this Mother’s Day is…

It’s just another day in my household but give or take a day, it also happens to clash with my birthday so there is no doubt that I will get spoilt. My husband is also very doting and thoughtful and for him it’s all about his girls so I’m very blessed.

Please show my girl Sovanny some love and make your way to ModeMadison.


Tomorrow the Mother’s Day series comes to an end… My very best friend will be concluding the series. She’s the cat’s meow if I do say so myself.

Meet me here. Same Bat Time, same bat channel. ( I’m sorry I had to… I’m so old LOL )

Until next time.