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IMG_20140308_150527Carly // Mom of 2 // Jersey Shore// married 8 years (photo Carly’s own)

Business/Blog: Thirty Something Fashion

I stumbled upon Carly while on Instagram browsing hashtags a few months ago. Her effortless style and love for camo made it and easy follow. There’s something to be said about women that make balancing life and motherhood look simple.

Below, Carly talks about her business and what she wasn’t prepared to tackle as a mom.

IMG_3770 (683x1024)photo credit: Amy Hall of Adalie Scott Photography

Tell us about your business and your blog

I started ThirtySomethingFashion as a personal style blog in 2010 after my first son was born. I had recently left my position as Director of Sales for three privately owned Nicole Miller boutiques.  I worked long hard hours but I was always dressed to the nines. My current state was far from that polished city girl and I found myself in old t-shirts and worn out sweatpants.  Determined to get back on track, I chronicled my fashion finds and personal style on TSF.  After about a year, clients and friends wanted to buy the things I was wearing and a lightbulb went off in my head.  I can be doing this, as a personal shopper and stylist.  It happened so organically, I know it was meant to be.

Share some of the challenges behind running a business and being a wife/mom
Without a doubt, my biggest challenge is balancing my home life and work life.  Because I do not have an office outside the home, the lines are so blurred.  I email clients and do follow up while my 4 year is old at school and 1 year old naps.  Then I switch back into mommy mode mid day.  At some point I have to update the blog, get boxes packed up for The Box Service, take phone conferences….and I do it all while doing my most important job- being a mom.  It is hard, but I am not sure I would have it any other way.  Chaos is king around here, but I love that I have flexibility to be at home with the boys while they are young and also have something for myself.  My dedicated days are Mondays and Tuesdays- I have a sitter from 9-5.  The rest is a total jackpot, hahaha!  Somehow we survive:)
The one thing you were not prepared to tackle as a mom
One thing I was not prepared to tackle as a mom is the worry.  I have never really been someone to worry about things that “might” happen.  Now, I find myself worried the moment my 4 year old heads to school…or when I pull out of the driveway and leave them with a sitter.  I am always thinking about scenarios in my head of things that could go wrong.  I am REALLY trying to get over this…not healthy and kind of silly.  Hopefully it chills out with time.  Although my mom says it just goes on and on and on in a vicious cycle.  Just thinking about the first time my sons drive a car makes me want to run and hide under the covers.  Ha!
What are you looking forward to this Mother’s Day?
I look forward to a relaxing day with my boys this Mothers Day.  Our lives are very chaotic in the Spring (client closet makeovers and spring wardrobe updates) so it will be nice to just relax and enjoy the (hopefully) warm weather and family time.
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