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Alicia // Mom of 1 // married almost 5 years // City: Miami
There she is, sitting by a pool clearly enjoying the warm weather. I can’t help but wish I too, was sitting in the warm sun, but I digress; today is about Alicia ;)
I met Alicia last year in New York while attending the Lucky Fab conference, had a blast chatting with her about motherhood and I’m so glad we kept in touch.
Read on to see how she balances motherhood and how she plans on spending Mother’s Day this year.

photo credit: Alicia
Tell us about your business/blog, what its about and the reason behind its inception
I started Bubbles & Ink 4 years ago because I love to write and wanted to  have a creative outlet. I wasn’t sure what I’d cover so I just ended up covering things I found interesting. It’s turned into a culture/lifestyle blog covering art, movies, music, fashion, beauty, and life lessons, a topic I’ve recently started exploring and really enjoy putting out for my readers. My blog has also turned into a great opportunity to launch my freelance writing career. Thankfully, it’s provided me with a job that can allow me flexibility to spend time with my daughter while following my passion.
What are some of the challenges behind running a business and being a wife/mom
It’s sometimes difficult to balance my time in trying to make a good living and fulfilling all my mom/wife duties. But thankfully, I have a really supportive husband and family who help me pursue my career and being hands-on if I need the time.
When did you decide to start working for yourself or blogging
I had been blogging very casually for about 3 years and only taking it on as a hobby. But after my daughter was born, I realized I wanted to follow my writing and blogging and see how I could make a career out of it. So I’ve been pursuing it fully over the past year and it has brought me some great opportunities so far. I want to set an example for my daughter that it’s ok to follow your passions and find (or create, even!) a fulfilling career, even if it doesn’t fall within traditional standards of success
Best advice you received about motherhood from your mother?
The best advice I’ve received about motherhood is to keep taking care of myself, too. You can’t be a good mom if you’re not happy or living a balanced life. In other words, don’t forget that you’re a woman, too. You can be a wife, friend, sister, daughter, career woman AND be a mom. It may not always be perfect, but don’t forget that you have needs, too.
The one thing you were not prepared to tackle as a mom.
The one thing I was not prepared for as a mom is how much love and gratitude I would feel towards my little girl. She is everything. And it’s been incredibly hard to start letting go and spend a little less time with her so that I can work and meet clients. I didn’t realize how hard it would be to have someone else take care of her while I go out for work obligations. But it’s always wonderful to come back to her knowing that I am spending my time working for her; it makes the time we do spend together much sweeter and rewarding
What are you looking forward to this year for Mother’s Day?
What I look forward to this Mother’s Day is family time – me, my husband, our daughter Lucy, and our little Pomeranian Romeo (my other child) out at the park for homemade brunch!
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Tomorrow we head to Jersey to talk thirty something fashion.
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  • Cindy

    May 7, 2014 at 1:01 pm

    “I want to set an example for my daughter that it’s ok to follow your passions and find (or create, even!) a fulfilling career, even if it doesn’t fall within traditional standards of success.” – LOVE this line!