nosefrida – product review


Miss Neriah has been sick for the past few days with a cold, probably the worst one she’s had to date and I’ve been at my wit’s end trying to find a solution to alleviate her stuffy nose.

I’ve been using the traditional “snot bulb” but I just didn’t find it as effective and was in need of something that would get the job done fast and quick.

NoseFrida was suggested by one of the nurses at Neriah’s pediatrician’s office. I looked it up and found one at my local Target and couldn’t have been more excited to try it.

Anything to help out my little girl.

The unit retails for…

about $15USD, you can purchase it online. I bought mine at my local Target because I needed it right away.

Probably one of the best  ways I’ve ever spent $15 dollars. The concept may seem a little foreign and gross at first glance but the hope of possibly bringing relief to my daughter put the gross factor aside.

A little apprehensive about what I was about to do, I tweeted the fine folks at NoseFrida looking for some reassurance.

Nose Frida

Their promise that it would take away Neriah’s nasal woes was enough for me to proceed with the task at hand.

Operation “snot removal” as my husband and I eloquently named it was about to go down.

NF4NF5The filters block the nose’s content from inserting your mouth, I bought an additional box for future use. The NoseFrida comes with 3 included.



As you can see the filter ( blue spongy cylinder) is inserted right at the tip of the opening, hence blocking the nasal drippings from entering your mouth. The tip of the tube needs to be gently placed right at the nostril’s opening ( not shoved inside the nostril) to allow the nose’s content to flow right inside the tube.


NF11Here is a closer look at the filter


the red part is the end that will go in your mouth helping you draw the contents of your child’s nose into the tube.


-inexpensive and very useful

– took everything out

– helped my child breathe better

– easy to use and assemble

– simple instructions to follow

– easy to clean


– better for smaller babies – my daughter does not like to get her nose cleaned and it was a bit of a struggle for me to have her sit there and allow me to vacuum her nose.

– you better have a good set of lungs

All in all a great product and beats my mom’s suggestion of using my mouth on her nose.

Don’t blame my mom for the above mentioned old school African technique. Blame her mom.

P.S. NoseFrida, my daughter and I , as well as her nose are forever indebted.

Until next time.

* this was not a sponsored post