lessons in: planting and patience


As Neriah gets older my husband and I are having such fun watching her become her own little person.

As parents we want her to grow up and be disciplined in the areas of patience amongst other things, but now that she’s two, patience is definitely a virtue.

We’re dealing with the ” I want it, and I want it now” stage which will probably last for a while considering that I sometimes find myself in the same predicament, and we can all agree that I’m much older than Neriah :)

As a mom, I always try to find ways to make things “fun” for my kid. Let’s face it, when you’re a toddler, there’s no fun in someone constantly telling you what can and can’t be done. I believe that all things can be done in an enjoyable way, even discipline, which leads me to today’s post.

Over the weekend, N and I took a trip to Target to purchase things that I didn’t need and while there we picked up the above pictured plants.

My plan: to give her a lesson in planting as well as patience.

I ab-so-lu-te-ly do NOT have a green thumb, but I figure the experience in sowing a seed and waiting for it to grow would teach her a good lesson. As young as she may be, I’ve come to notice that children are very perceptive.

And so we …

plant2planted strawberries-,sunflowers and sweet basil

plant3these golden dinosaurs follow us everywhere – story to come

plant4L-R -> basil.sunflower.strawberries


plant7tiny seeds – Luke 17:6

plant8and now we wait.

I hope these plants do flourish, if not, this will be the ultimate test of patience for the both of us.

Until next time.


    • Charlotte

      April 8, 2014 at 1:23 pm

      Hey Lisa! Yes I love that she is getting older but I miss lil Neriah so much. That baby stage is the sweetest one.
      About Target… Girlllllllllll! Now you know I went looking for those bags right! But they didn’t have them!
      Will have to look online