yummies : #FatTuesday2014


I love cake.

I really do.

I also love to bake, which works out perfectly, because I get to bake my cake and eat it too (see what I did there ).

Last week, with the help of N, we baked a cake for her 2nd bday. I initially wanted to order a cake from our local bakery and be all fancy, but I chose to make it a “mommy and me” project so that she can participate too.

So we made our way to the baking section of our…

local grocery store and purchased one of  Duff’s Cake Mix pictured below. We, or should say I, decided to go with the Tie Dye mix, because of all the fun colors (I’m such a kid).


See how pretty it is!

This was my first time using this, and let me warn you that my finished product did not look like the picture.

The process was pretty simple. Prepping took a little longer than I anticipated because my assistant baker enjoyed playing with the batter and the food coloring which made the experience even better ;)

The instructions were pretty simple and easy to follow. I have a bad habit of not reading recipes in their entirety before baking boxed cakes, and prefer a read as you go approach. If you plan on trying this tie dye cake, please make sure that you read the whole thing first!

You will need to mix, divide the batter, add food coloring, mix colors for different hues and pour batter into cake pans.

Mixing colors was probably the toughest part for me!

fat2we divided the batter in 6 parts

Fat3added food coloring

fat6poured into cake pans

fat4baked and iced

FAT5then we indulged

Didn’t quite turn out like the box and we’re OK with it, we still ate it.

Besides, perfection is overrated!

Until next time!