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My mom always says, when you see a  good deal on a dress buy it even if you don’t need it. Because you never want to be invited somewhere and not have a dress to wear.

I’m assuming she’s missed out on one too many sales, hence the wisdom behind the above mentioned. I will have to ask her to confirm. Will keep you posted


If you’ve been following this blog, you know that dresses aren’t really my “thang”.

I’m a tomboy at heart and prefer a

pair of pants to a dress or skirt.

But sometimes a dress is just easy.

And when you’re a mom… Easy is always a good thing.

On this day I paired this faux wrap dress with my XXI faux leather motor coat  ( a whole lot of faux going on here) and out the door I went.

This is what I call simplicity at its best.


Because I’m not too much of a girly girl, I always try to keep my look as simple/casual as possible depending on my environment. I will almost always pair something dressy with  something a little edgy.

A healthy mix of both makes me a happy gal.


The dreamy effect on the photos was caused by my camera’s dirty lens courtesy of   my toddler’s finger prints. It all kind of worked out though. A day without having to edit pictures is a day well spent.

Shout out to Neriah’s little digits for my dirty lens!  ‘preciate you little girl!

P.S. my dress was $2.99 at my local thrift store… How’s that for a deal mom!

Until next time ;)


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