rebellion – part deux


If you see me out and I’m wearing the beanie pictured above, know that my hair is most likely not done. #fact


My rebellion against Father Winter as documented (here) continued last weekend when I decided to get dressed and head out.

Mind you it was snowing… A lot!

I knew very well that snow was in the forecast, but I’m a rebel at heart and as previously mentioned, those white flakes no longer scare me. So I did what any true style blogger would do. I ran out not dressed to face the elements that awaited me. My outfit of choice, a …

pair of low cut Converse, paired with my all time favorite tee, these pants  and my “diaper” purse!


As much as Iove to call this purse a “diaper” bag it is not. It just so happens to be a purse that I use as a diaper bag.

In there you will find wipes, diapers, snacks, a change of clothes for N,  my phone, carmex, my wallet, sunglasses… I could go on!

I got the bag from Asos a few months ago and I take it everywhere. I also love the fact that it can be worn cross body style which is a great “hands free” alternative for those days, when I’m out with Neriah… Which is everyday!


The story behind this H&M jacket is quite comical. My husband bought it for me as part of my birthday gift last year.

To know my husband is to know that he is not a fashion guy. So when he strolled in with this coat I was pleasantly surprised and shocked.

But then I quickly remembered that he was with me the day I tried it on. At the time I wasn’t sure if I liked it enough to purchase it. I try not to be an impulsive shopper, so if there is one ounce of doubt, I usually won’t purchase an item.

I’m glad he paid attention.


Oh hey Biggie!

Shirts with B.I.G on ’em always make things better!


Until next time :)