a little camo



My ability to handle the cold is pretty good considering that I grew up in Ottawa.

That’s in Ontario.

Which happens to be in CANADA, where -56 degrees [that’s Celsius folks] is considered business as usual.

But with temperatures hitting wayyyyyyy below zero in Chicago the last few weeks, I find myself questioning my cold handling skills.

Chicago winters are usually a walk in the park for me. But since ChiTown morphed into Chiberia, that walk is more of a run sprint.

When the city freezes over, I choose not to leave my house unless necessary. And by necessary I mean…

shopping with my friend Malachi!

camo2these pictures were not taken on those cold days.

Shopping with Malachi is always an adventure. The guy will outshop <- (probably not a word) any woman I know.

Which leads me to this post.

While on our shopping adventure we stopped at F21 for me to buy the sweatshirt pictured above. The temperature had dropped a little and I needed something to keep me warm in order to complete our excursion.

camo3H&M blouse – *CAPWELL + CO necklace

Might I add that my new found top ( from the men’s section)  was a whopping $8.99! That price alone kept me very warm. I love a bargain!

camo5boots same as here

I’ve been incorporating menswear in my wardrobe lately. A lot of times their clothes are edgier and combining them with feminine pieces fits my style perfectly.

Next time you browse the men’s section for your beau, keep an eye out for yourself.

Until next time.

*CAPWELL + CO necklace was given to me while attending Lucky Fabb