make things happen #2014


I’m not one to write very long blog posts. Especially ones unrelated to my blog’s concept.

But 2014 for me is all about stepping outside of my comfort zone;  besides, rules are made for breaking.

What I’m about to share has been a tremendous blessing  and it would be extremely selfish of me not to share it with you.

The chain of events that preluded this post have been quite divine to say the least and I may share it with you one of these days, but there are only so many lengthy posts a girl can write ;)

Let’s move on.


As you probably do,

I have a list of sites that I read on a weekly basis. I love to support fellow bloggers and the ones on my list are so darn inspiring (link to my favorite bloggers coming soon to a sidebar near you).

I was uber happy to see that my girl Karen from yourstylistkaren had returned to the blogosphere with a post entitled “Hello 2014” you can read it here.

Karen had a picture of the prettiest journals on her post. Yep drawn in by those pretty little journals!

I’m a sucker for pretty things, especially shiny metallic ones.

I kept reading because I really wanted to know where she got them (true story). I’m not one to read very long posts at the exception of a few blogs. By the way Karen’s post wasn’t long at all.

In her post, she talked about new beginnings for herself in 2014 and placed a link to Lara Casey’s blog which led to a “Make It Happen” challenge.

Of course I clicked on it.

As I landed on the home page I almost cried.

Paragraphs after paragraphs of words which seemed to have  been written in the smallest of fonts!

We’ve already established that my attention span is that of a child! A very small child! Therefore reading a looooong post can be somewhat painful.

Nevertheless; I read.

And read.

And read.


And it changed the direction in which I was going to tackle 2014.

I’m a very systematic person. I find a system… And I usually stick to it.

But when there is a plan for you greater than you can imagine, you have to be willing to put your system aside and go with the flow.

I have spent the last few days making changes to my 2014 “goals” and realigning them in a way that will be beneficial to me, the ones I love and my business ventures.

Although we are a little over 2 weeks into the new year, I feel like 2014 just begun. As I continue to tweak my lists I have been enlightened in ways I can’t describe.

One of the “Make It Happen” rules (for lack of a better word) is to find a word and a song that will describe your year!

I’m still working on my word!


My song is a secret… Well not really. I have one but I keep changing it. Remember, rules are made for breaking.

All this to say that our circumstances are often a direct result of our choices. That day I chose to click on the link Karen shared.

I also chose to read those bagillion [or is it bajillion… is that even a word] pages of inspiration on Lara’s blog which ended up being a huge blessing to me!

If you are reading this you have the choice to make your 2014 the greatest year yet!

So as Karen invited her readers to join Lara’s challenge,  I too invite you to do the same.

Make  things happen!

Your journey begins -> here <-

Until next time !