it’s our blogiversary


It’s our blogiversary!

I had plans of heading to Party City and purchasing a whole lot of balloons to take a fancy picture for this post.

But instead, I decided to settle for my daughter’s colorful and very practical fridge magnets. One point goes to me for my creative genius!

I started this blog a year ago today with the sole intention of documenting Neriah and I’s style adventure, and it’s grown to be more than I anticipated it to be.

Through MNH, I’ve been able to meet fellow bloggers who have quickly become friends and I’ve been presented with wonderful opportunities.

To all of you who have subscribed to this site, who have added my page to your favorites, who take time to leave comments. I appreciate you.

To the readers who come back daily ( Google Analytics don’t lie) ;) I see you!

We hope to fill this blog with many more fun and stylish posts for you to read!

To another year!