Holiday (mommy) style – Sarah Kyle


Have you ever met someone and knew that you would click because of the shoes on their feet?

Well, this happens to me a lot, as seen here.

Sarah had me at Asos; the best pair of shoes from the British online retailer were on her feet.

Forget her overwhelming nice personality and friendliness, those pink velvet sandals completely overshadowed all of those traits.

I kid ;)

Sarah is pretty awesome we bonded over talks of motherhood and our love for style.

This stay at home mom curates one of my favorite blogs Lady Go Lightly and hustles over at Lady Go Lightly Vintage on Etsy.

Yeah, I know, pretty awesome!

Check out what she had to say about her holiday style and traditions.


Parties are fun, and December is a pretty festive month. Any plans on hosting a gathering?

I love hosting parties. For the past three years I have been putting together a
ladies’ white elephant party. I like to segregate because it gives us the
ability to give girly gifts that we actually want to receive. It’s all about
celebrating the beauty of the holidays (the gorgeous Christmas decor, delicate
desserts, fanciful outfits) and receiving feminine gifts.

Loving the recipes on your blog and I’m seriously thinking of trying one of them! What’s on your menu for the holiday season?

This year I really want to try my hand at a yule log (buche de noel). I grew up spending the holidays in Switzerland and there was a yule log cake in every bakery display case. My parent’s never bought one, because they aren’t big fans of cake, but I always marveled at them. I’m sure they aren’t all that delicious (I hate frosting), but I would love to photograph the process of making one, for the blog.


You have the cutest little boy, have you introduced any “new” holiday traditions to him?

We plan on taking him on a slay ride (I might be more excited than he could ever be about this one) and a Santa train through the snow.

Apart from recipes and motherhood, you also blog about style. You recently mentioned that you have affinity to full skirts. Will you be incorporating any of those in your holiday looks?

Absolutely! I actually just thrifted a black and red tartan full skirt that I am ridiculously excited to wear for the holidays. The one beautiful thing about full skirts (for me) is easy they are to make. I can pop one out in a day. So if I find the time I would like to turn some of my vintage fabrics skirts, possibly for some holiday events.


Any tips on how to achieve an effortless stylish holiday look without breaking the bank? 

Thrift! Thrift/vintage stores buy clothes, so what I like to do is gather some older outdated pieces and trade them for updates. I have been shopping without spending money, it’s sort of my latest thing.

But I also love the de-cluttering aspect. Sometimes when I bring sacks of new stuff home, I feel like I’m going to end up on an episode of Hoarders, but when I replace things I no longer want for newer pieces it’s slightly more comforting to me.

For more of Sarah, check out her blog and her Etsy shop!

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Photo Credit: Sarah Kyle