Lucky Fabb 2013 – NYC


Last Wednesday, I packed my bags and flew off to New York City to attend Lucky Fabb.

What an experience!

The opportunity to mingle with Lucky Magazine’s finest  and chat with fellow bloggers from across the nation is not one that presents itself often.

So believe me when I say that I soaked in every second.

The amount of valuable information that was disbursed by the panel of extremely talented speakers and their genuine amicability was remarkable.

Not to say that I was expecting anything less, but we’ve all come across less than friendly “characters”, especially those who consider themselves to be on an upper echelon.

So to hear Eva Chen (Editor in Chief of Lucky Magazine) , compliment my lipstick and Eva Mendes say that I’m pretty (blushing) , I’ve come to realize that despite their grandeur, these ladies along with all the other fabulous bloggers I met during the conference were just genuinely nice people.

Want to see pics?


Day one – A style Conversation with Eva Mendes


The Eva’s


A Conversation with Bryanboy


Eva and Kate (yeah we’re on first name basis) … Not really

Day 2 : At the Conde Nast Building


H&M dress – Aldo boots – Huge smile (Lucky Mag)


Eva and Jess Lee (CEO of Polyvore)


Tamara Mellon of Jimmy Choo

Although all the sessions were very informative, I think that the two that really stuck with me were Tamara Mellon’and Jess Lee.

I truly admired their tenacity and will to persevere when it came to their respective businesses.

Quite inspiring !

 In all honesty Lucky Fabb was a hit!

If I  was to post every single event and share all the  enlightening advice that was given by these awfully knowledgeable speakers  this post would most likely be endless.

One thing, that was repeated by all keynoters was very simple and probably the easiest thing to do.

“Be nice” as said by The Eva’s, Bryanboy, Kate Bosworth…

There’s enough room for everybody.

Find your niche … And stick to it.

Until next time :)