sun and stripes


Chicago’s been hot and humid.

And I’m OK with it.

Although I prefer Fall to summer, I’ve come to accept the latter with all its humidity and heat.

I mean, what’s a girl to do? Lock herself up in an air conditioned room for the remainder of the season? The thought has crossed my mind… I kid!

Summer is great!

At  night.

When it cools down.


Over the week,  my District312 fam and I met up to shoot an episode that we will be releasing  in the coming weeks.

Due to the extreme heat ( I may be over exaggerating, just go with the flow) I felt the need to let my skin breathe.

This is I what I wore.



Probably my favorite pair of pants. They can be dressed down(as pictured above) or dressed up with a pair of heels.

H&M you never disappoint… Ok maybe not “never” but rarely ;)

These shoes, I wear them an awful lot.


You don’t believe me?

I wore them here, here , and countless times which have not been documented on the blog.

Matter of fact, I’m contemplating purchasing them in several bright colors.


Don’t judge me.

I wear my chucks religiously because they provide me with both comfort and style.

Until next time ;)


Photo Credits : Jonnita Condra