lady in red



If you know me personally, you know that red is not a color I wear regularly.

Matter of fact it’s one of my least favorite colors. Unless it comes in lipstick or nail polish form, you probably won’t catch me in it.

Not sure where my disdain for the hue comes from but it’s been here for a while.


Pictured above is a dress I purchased 2 years ago at Marshalls. I really liked the style, but found myself in a conundrum.

To purchase or not to purchase was the question.

Clearly I purchased it… The price was far too appealing to leave on the rack.

So here I am, 2 years later wearing this “shirt dress” for the very first time.

Red ain’t so bad ;)


When I shop, I always try to find pieces that work well with garments I already have in my closet. I also like to buy items that are multi-purposed.


Aside from paying next to nothing for this red goodness, what really attracted me was its versatility. It can be worn as a shirt, a dress, a vest or a cover up at the beach.

I paired it here with some denim cut offs due to it being so sheer.

Modesty never goes out of style ;)


Until next time!