sweet flutters

sweetI’m really thankful for the small things.

And today I want to share with you my appreciation for headbands.

As mentioned in a previous post (read here) my sweet daughter is not a fan of getting her hair combed.

For a while, the Pajanimals characters and I had a pact! I would turn on the DVR and they would entertain her as I hurriedly domesticated her wild curls.


Regrettably, that trick no longer works.

She caught on.

But since mother is synonymous with clever, I found an alternative that benefits the both of us.





I’ve tried my fair share of headbands, and let me tell you that Ribbies are by far my favorites! They’re lightweight, stylish and super adorable.

Oh and they’re all handmade! How cool is that?!

Their headbands are mostly for ages 2 and up, so I had to adjust it for it to fit my daughter. But other than that, she had the headband on all day and didn’t try to snatch it off as she’s done to so many others.

Until next time :)