the dress up files


I like gifts.

I especially like gifts that keep on giving.

And the internet is one of them.

Today, I’m especially thankful for the worldwide web, for without which I would have never stumbled upon one of my new favorite online destinations.

Jiye “Gia” Lee, mother, wife and style connoisseur is the curator of dress up files, a potpourri  of all things fashion, fun and of course mommy.

Not familiar with the blog? Shame on you ;)

Do read on.



Name: Jiye “Gia” Lee

Location: Chicago

Occupation: Stay at home mom and Fashion Blogger

Mother of : 2 girls, A & D (4 years and 18 months)

MNH- How would you describe your personal style? 

J- Mixing and matching…be it luxury items with budget pieces, new trends with vintage finds, or feminine dresses with a boyfriend cardigan.  But all the while, keeping it classy and put together.

MNH- Has your personal style changed since having your daughters? 

J-I am all about dressing appropriately for the occasion. You will never find me teetering in my 5 inch stilettos when I’m taking my kids to the playground (and yes, I have seen other moms do this!)  So, I now have 3 categories my wardrobe falls into.

1. Mom Mode: Very comfy, casual clothes for when I’m running around with the kids (jeggings, toms, etc)

2. Chic Mom Mode: Cuter, dressier clothes for when I’m going to Church or to meet friends with the kids (low chunky heels, blousy tops, etc)

3. Fashion Blogger Mode: Without kids and dressed up for date nights or girls night outs (sky high stillettos, micro minis, etc)


MNH- What are some of your favorite places to shop for your little ones.

J– Zara, PRSPR, Gap Kids, Target

MNH- What is (in your opinion) the most rewarding part of being a mother?

J- The ability to bring them joy, comfort them, make them feel loved and secure and knowing that all of that, will affect how they turn out as adults.  A huge responsibility but an incredible blessing at the same time.

MNH- What is the greatest advice your mother has given you when it comes to style/beauty?

J– To always be dressed appropriately.  My mother was and still is very chic and on trend but always age appropriate.  Also, to spend extra money and care on protecting your skin.


MNH- Now that you are a mother, what piece of advice will you pass on to your girls?

J– Style wise: I would say to have fun with it and take risks but again, always be appropriate.

MNH- How do you plan on celebrating mother’s day?

J– We’ll have church in the morning and then, we’ll spend time as a family.  It doesn’t really matter what we do, as long as we are doing it together.  There will probably be something good to eat (preferably deep-fried) somewhere in the mix! ;)


I hope you now understand why I enjoy Jiye’s blog ;)

Make sure to show her  some love and visit her side of the web :)

Until next time!